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Wealth Planning

Wealth Planning and Advice

We offer trusted guidance that is centrered around you and what you aspire to achieve. Our wealth management approach encompasses unique investment, tax and risk management strategies that individuals and families need to build a successful wealth plan. Our clients benefit from integrated and custom advice relating to the following key dimensions of your financial life:

  • Optimizing your retirement
  • Managing cash flow efficiently
  • Tax planning & tax minimization strategies
  • Planning for major expenditures
  • Preparing for the unexpected
  • Maximizing your business success
  • Sharing your wealth

 ETFs, Mutual Funds and Stocks

 ETFs, Mutual Funds and Bonds

For illustrative purposes only.
Actual allocations to asset classes may vary.

Investment Management

Our Differentiated Approach

To mitigate the unavoidable fluctuations in the stock market, we adopt a diversified strategy by allocating investments across alternative asset classes including private equity, liquid alternatives, private debt, and institutional-grade real estate. With our managed accounts, clients benefit from the following:

  • Optimal diversification
  • Access to world class asset managers
  • World class reporting
  • Householding capabilities
  • Access to investments generally reserved for the institutional investor

Exchange Traded Funds

We offer both low-cost and smart beta ETFs. These investments are a great way to reduce long-term investment cost as well as complement an actively managed investment portfolio.

Private Investments and Liquid Alternatives

Exclusive access to private investments and liquid alternatives. Being able to invest in the private markets can add further diversification to your portfolio.

Individual Securities

Common Stock & Preferred shares, REITs, Bonds, Treasury Bills & Convertible Debentures.

Mutual Funds

Fee-based option capabilities with all of our mutual funds, which provides the ability to write off advisory fees in non registered portfolios. Access to both open and close ended mutual funds.

Real Estate

Real property and Real estate investment trusts (REITs).

Other Investment Options

Private Debt, GICs & GIFs, High-interest savings account, Creditor protected investments, Structured Notes

Insurance as an Asset

Whole Life and Universal Life

We offer permanent insurance solutions for both personal and incorporated individuals. In many cases, insurance becomes integrated into the investment management process. We work with the majority of the leading Canadian insurance companies, which allows us to find the policy best suited for you and your family.

Term Insurance and Living Benefits

We integrate living benefits and term insurance into our clients’ financial plan where we see fit. Some of those products include: 

  • Critical illness
  • Long Term Care
  • Disability insurance
  • Term 10 & Term 20 Life Insurance

Private Banking

Personalized Banking Services

Our strategic partnership with Scotia Private Banking provides our clients access to strategic borrowing solutions, transactional banking support and a leading-edge concierge and travel management service. Your dedicated Private Banker and your support team are ready to ensure your needs are considered with care.