Our Mission

Our philosophy at Weekes Wealth is rethinking conventional wisdom.  That is our purpose. We passionately believe there are better strategies than those currently implemented by the majority of Canadian retail investors.  Therefore, our mission is to disturb and motivate individuals to change or at least evaluate their way of thinking when it comes to their personal finances.


Core Values

Compassion & Understanding

We understand that some of our clients are well versed in finance while other clients are beginners. There is no wrong question.  We enjoy client engagement at any stage of one’s learning development.



One’s discipline is put to the test frequently in our world. Discipline is essential for both the investor and the advisor. Emotions can be the antagonist to discipline and we have a responsibility to the client to help manage those emotions throughout the difficult times in the market, and conversely, during periods of market exuberance.



Diversity in people and cultures. Diversity in ideas and outlook. We see the strength and beauty of diversity.



Integrity is paramount in our industry as people trust you with their livelihood. That is a responsibility we do not take lightly.